British Style

18 Watt


18W TMB EF86

20W Lead & Bass

36 Watt

36 Watt EF86


JTM45/100 "Experienced"

JTM45 BluesBreaker


JCM 800 2204  HW

JCM 800 2203 HW

Plexi50 1987 Lead

Plexi50 1986 Bass

Plexi100 Super Lead

Plexi 100 Super Bass



American Classics

5E3 Tweed Deluxe

5X3 Big Deluxe

5E5-A Pro

5F6-A Bassman

5F4 Super Amp

5E7 BandMaster

Champ Ultra

5E8A Tweed Twin





Dizzy 30

Stray Cat 30

TW Clones



Rock It!


Overtone Special Series

Overtone HRM Series 




Hey What?! 504

Hey What?! 504 OL

Hey What?! 103

Creme Brulee

Overtone Lunchbox

Hot Rodded Plexi Series

Chupacabra 50

Chupacabra 100

Yeti 50

Yeti 100

AFD 35 50 Watt

AFD 35 100 Watt

King Kong 50 Watt

King Kong 100 Watt











Kits - Fully Unsupported

Wait Time:  Four (4) Weeks to ship after payment made for all complete (Pack 3 & 4) amp models except for OTS Series & HRM Series - Six (6) Weeks , AFD# 35, Yeti & Chupa, - Five (5) Weeks   One (1) Week for Standard Kits - Pack 1 & 2 - given that all parts are in stock. Do check the status of your kit if it exceeds the time frame given.  No power cord will be included. No technical support will be provided too.


F E A T U R E D  I T E M S

New Product Release

Overtone Special "183" 50W & 100W Overtone Special Ford Mustang 50W & 100W Overtone HRM MK2 50W & 100W HRP Yeti 50W & 100W Ceriatone SSS 100W
 November 2010 November 2010 November 2010 April 2011 April 2012


Face Plate Set + Chassis
British Style 18W Combo American Classics 5E3 Tweed Deluxe British Style JTM 45  British Style 36 Watt British Style Plexi 50


Complete Amplifier Kits

18Watt Pack 3 Plexi 50 Pack 3 American Classics 5E3 Pack 3 JTM45 Pack 3 Ceriatone Overtone Special



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confused with originals.

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Chupacabra 1

Website Logs
January 2014

1) 2nd - 18 Watt TMB clip

2) 6th - OTS Lunchbox manual

3) 6th - HRM Bluesmaster new clip

4) 27th - sound clips for OTS 50 , SSS and 2555

5) 28th - New tech/dealer in Australia - Used Art Sounds, Riverwood, NSW 2110

June 2014

1) 11th - New Ceriatone Service Center in Ireland - Soundfactory, Dublin


2) 11th - New Ceriatone Service Center in Australia - Tommy Blank, Tasmania


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