Dimension : 6.6 x 5.1 x 1.8 inches

Fully Assembled in All Colors USD 225.00 1.0kg

Fully built unit. Price includes shipping.

Kit in All Colors USD 200.00 1.0kg

All parts are unassembled. Price includes shipping.

Enclosure - in All Colors USD 135.00 1.0kg

Enclosure only. Price includes shipping.

Bare PCB USD 15.00 0.5kg

Original bare PCB. Includes break-off piece for the dual gang pot. Price does not include shipping.

Assembled PCB USD 150.00 0.5kg

The PCB is totally wired up, including to the potentiometers, jacks, and footswitch. Price includes shipping.

Includes all items, except the following:

1) Enclosure
2) Enclosure screws
3) Rubber Feet

Includes knobs and adapter

Manual For Kit Centura Professional Overdrive Download